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I am delighted to lend my support to Shakespearience which has an impressive track record of making the language of the Bard’s plays accessible to young people, believing that Shakespeare has a vital role to play in the classroom and in the emotional and intellectual development of our young.

We understand the world through the words we use about it. Shakespeare provides everyone who comes into contact with his writing with the detail necessary to enhance our understanding of the human condition. A Shakespearean text has the potential to excite, provoke and stimulate minds, be they young or old.

Shakespearience has had considerable success in making the language, characters and themes of Shakespeare’s plays understandable by approaching them from an actor’s point of view. This critically acclaimed literacy program has succeeded in demystifying the plays of William Shakespeare by appreciating a fundamental truth: that Shakespeare’s writing must be approached in a totally different way from the way novels and short stories are read.

I am pleased to be associated with an educational initiative that demonstrates to young people, in a bold, creative, compelling way, why the plays of William Shakespeare have continued to resonate almost four hundred years after his death.

I look forward to the company’s growth and its continued success and am pleased to be included on its roster.

Colm Feore

It was my great pleasure to be with you this morning. You really have a terrific thing going with this program. There is simply not a moment wasted. It was a privilege to be part of it.


The Classroom Shakespearience


My students were thrilled! They were so relaxed they were actually having fun! This was an esteem building experience: one that will stay with my students for a long time.
Monika Rezniak, West Humber Collegiate

My 8th graders were talking about the workshop like a pop concert or a hot movie. The excitement was still palpable three days later! Thanks for making my job MUCH easier, and their lives MUCH richer.
Bryan McCormick, Ogden (Chicago)

We want you back on a regular basis throughout the year to incorporate these workshops into the curriculum.
Marieken Moleenar, City Adult Learning

Outstanding! Epic!. The kids were engaged, and educated…I wish I had known about it years ago. I’d like to make this a yearly tradition.
Christie de Souza, St. Francis of Assisi

Even the most timid students found their voice today! You also knew intuitively how to work with students of diverse backgrounds. Today was an experience my students will likely never forget.
Francesca Tellasco, Dixon Grove JMS


I absolutely loved this workshop!! I wish it were much longer. The workshop didn’t achieve what it set out to do – it achieved WAY more!
Akeela, St. Patrick’s

Taking part in this workshop really changed my perspective on Shakespeare. Because of this workshop I am no longer afraid of reading his plays.
Miranda, Glenforest Secondary School

The dudes who ran it know how to talk to us, they can connect with us a lot better to give us an understanding of how great Shakespeare really was.
Hanoon, Riverdale

The After-Hours Shakespearience


This was a life-changing experience for me, and I’m not just saying that. I learned some very important life lessons. The most valuable are: time management, commitment, patience.
Mishal, 2012

At the end of the day I’d say this is one of the best organizations I ever been in. It not only taught me how to understand Shakespeare but helped me gain and refine communication and social skills and a willingness to take risks. It helped me be a team player and to enjoy meeting new people.
Thairu, 2012-2013

I’m still getting praises for the performance, and you won’t believe how much it has helped me to understand myself!!
Uzzma, 2008

The Summer ShakespearienceI had loads of fun, working on the play, meeting great people. I can truly say I’m having a much easier time comprehending Shakespeare!
Jazmin, 2011

I learnt a lot from day one till the end. From acting skills to skills that can be used in the real world. Thank you for a great opportunity.
Varshini, 2010

I am in a math and science program and have every intention to go into engineering. …this equips me with vital skills throughout the academic range…
Isaac, 2011-2014

When I started, I was quiet, I didn’t easily make new friends and I was happier keeping to myself than trying new things…This isn’t just about Shakespeare, it’s about working with other people, making a commitment to something you care about, and learning about responsibility even though you’re “just a kid”. This really is a one-in-a-million opportunity. It changed my life, and changes the lives of every kid that does it.
Emma, 2009-2014


With a learning disability and mild autism my son often feels like the odd man out. The confidence he has gained and his ability to make friends is extraordinary. This will continue to have a positive impact on my son in school and in daily life. Communication, reading other people’s reactions and staying focused are exactly what a child with social interaction issues needs to learn. Well done!
Name to Come, 20??

Thank you and your amazing team for such a great show. Donovan talks every day about the friendships developed and has explained the script to us in detail so that as a family we have developed such an interest, we are looking for Shakespeare plays to watch this summer.
Rodrick and Melanie, 2012

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